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"Funeral of the Gods"
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The Clinic of Lost Dreams
by Francois Tremblay

The Unstimulation
by Francois Tremblay


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  IF YOU CAN'T LOG IN: Ayahuasca is a plant medicine that is frequently used in rituals and ceremonies of the Amazonian peoples. Due to its psychoactive properties, the concoction has gained some popularity among travelers, who go to communities in the jungle to heal themselves or to delve into the world of energies, the unconscious and the Amazonian worldview. As a medicine, ayahuasca has its own instructions for use. One of the most important is sticking with the process from start to finish. Depending on the area where you take ayahuasca, the shamans will have a different way of preparing you for it, but there will always be a diet to follow.
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